The mission of the ROOTS Clinic is to provide the support system for students to meaningfully access their educational experience.

To implement this mission, the ROOTS Clinic provides ABA therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis therapy) within APL’s classrooms.

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The mission of the ROOTS Clinic is to provide the support system for students to meaningfully access their educational experience. To implement this mission, the ROOTS Clinic provides ABA therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis therapy) within APL’s classrooms. ABA therapy has been demonstrated in research as the primary effective treatment for autism, and can also be successfully used to support individuals with other diagnoses or needs. To ensure a high quality and clinically sound service package for every student in need of our services, our professional team includes staff certified and licensed across a range of organizations regulating our practice. Our services include scaffolding support and training for teachers based on observational assessment of the classroom. It also includes individualized programming, incorporating rigorous assessment tools, ongoing treatment planning, and monitoring for students who receive ABA services through The ROOTS Clinic. The common thread across all of our services is that they are provided in the school environment. Providing intensive behavioral therapy in this environment supports students in accessing the academic curriculum, while continuing to acquire communication, social, and executive functioning skills that ensure optimal individual progress. Because our goal is to embed every possible learning opportunity in the context at hand, we place a high priority on coordination of care, including parent education and collaboration with other providers on the student’s team both inside and outside our walls.


Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) supervise programming by conducting criterion-referenced assessments, developing and overseeing the quality and direction of therapy programs, consulting with family members and other caregivers to provide guidance and ensure progress, analyzing data, and calibrating programming as needed. BCBAs also maintain active credentialing with the state as Licensed Behavior Analysts (LBAs).

Behavior Technicians (BTs) implement the programming that is created by the BCBAs. These are the frontline staff engaging in the daily rapport-building and therapy work with our students. Most BTs full-time staff, allowing them to be members of the classroom team along with teachers and the BCBA, and are considered integral to the community. BTs undergo a variety of training experiences during their first few weeks and months at APL, culminating in eligibility to apply for a credential with the state as Certified Behavior Technicians (CBTs). BTs are supervised “live” constantly during their training time and maintain a high level of supervision after being certified as well.


APL is licensed by the Department of Health, Division of Behavioral Health Resources as a Licensed Behavioral Health Agency to deliver ABA services. This provides an additional layer of quality control for clinical services and helps streamline our practices at the departmental level as well as the individual provider level.

Why Parents Love Us

To see our child happy, and with people that care about her, is worth more than anything and we have found that at APL.

- APL Parent

APL turned my child’s life around: academically, socially, and emotionally. And my life as well: I no longer dread the phone ringing. I know that my kids are in good hands, and that if ever any sort of problem does come up, I’ll be able to work with the school to make things better. What I say matters.

- APL Parent

APL provides us peace of mind for our family in a safe and supporting environment.

- APL Parent

When we started looking for the right school for our child to attend, we toured everywhere and came up dry. We found ourselves wishing there was a school where ABA therapy and academics were wholly combined in the same classroom. THEN we found APL and it felt like it had been created just for us. Dream come true!

- APL Parent

APL has helped our son regain his self-confidence and improve his self-esteem!

- APL Parent

The APL way is to care about your child in the best way possible while laying out a road map for progress developmentally and emotionally.

- APL Parent

The intrinsic blend of ABA with schooling that has taken my child from not sitting at a school desk, balled up in the corner in a novel, in public school to completing her work and even enjoying many of her academic classes. The value put on the unique traits of individuals and the enormous patience of the staff come in at the top as well.

- APL Parent


APL’s combination of school and clinic solves a real challenge in how to help a growing population of individuals with Autism.

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Fieldwork & Practicum

We support the full range of graduate school experiences, including university practicums as well as supervised independent fieldwork.

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Limited spots remain available in APL’s K-12 classrooms for the upcoming school year.

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